As an informal statement, the author of this website is an individual (as opposed to, say, a large corporation) and would rather not have to deal with privacy policies and such, and doesn’t care about any individual user’s data or identity (or indeed ask for them). Alas, the use of third-party services for hosting, analytics1, and social features makes it necessary to have a privacy policy. Some cookies may also be used for these purposes, if you consent to such.

Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for the website (this Website).

Cookies2 may be used by this Website to store information about your preferences (mainly your consent to allow cookies), as well as for general analytics1 and visitor behavior tracking. This Website does not store such cookies unless you explicitly agree to them by clicking the button that should appear on your first visit, but some functionality on this Website will be limited unless you do. For information about Google Analytics in particular, please refer to Google Privacy & Terms.

This Website is hosted on GitHub Pages. Some scripts used by this Website are hosted on cdnjs. Like any web server, these services may collect and process information about visits to this website, including IP addresses, browser type and platform. Please consult their respective privacy policies on what this data may be used for.

Embedded content—such as social media, videos and photos—on this Website may be hosted on other services (Hosting Services). When such content is loaded by your browser, the Hosting Service may obtain your IP address and possibly some previously stored cookies for that Hosting Service (e.g., if you have an account on that service or have visited another website that uses the same Hosting Service). In particular, this means that your account for a service (such as Facebook or Google) may be identified by that service as being the one that accesses the content on this site. In some cases a Hosting Service may also be able to identify your browser as being the same that accessed content on the same Hosting Service on another website.3

Some pages on this Website use Facebook Comments to enable visitors to comment on the page. Any comments you choose to post using this feature are publicly visible and traceable to your Facebook account, subject to Facebook’s Privacy Policy.

By using this Website, you consent to this Privacy Policy. You may withdraw your consent at any time by ceasing to use this Website, and by removing any cookies for from your browser settings.

  1. Analytics provides statistics and general information about visitors. Since I have no access to statistics of the hosting service on this site, I rely on external analytics to know what content, if any, is interesting to visitors, which helps motivate and decide about creating new content.  2

  2. Cookies are small pieces of text stored by your browser for websites. They are used to “remember” things, e.g., to identify that your browser is the same that was seen earlier, or to store your preferences. You may view and delete cookies in your browser settings. 

  3. Cross-site tracking happens when a service tracks you across multiple different websites (that have some content, features, and/or ads hosted by that service) by means of cookies and/or various “fingerprinting” methods. You may be able to mitigate this somewhat by enabling “tracking prevention” in your browser settings.